Alabama gets more federal transportation money than we pay.

The percentage of money spent on bike/walk work is less than existing mode share.

Mode share is not measured accurately nor generously.

About 25% of our economic competitors are already Bicycle Friendly Communities.

Bike/walk accommodations really enjoy a 'build it, they will come' results. They are popular.

For 2012, we have acquired the 50th worst state for biking and walking in the nation once again.

So, lets play.

In the senate; Senator Shelby is the senator to contact.

I suggest local visits with local district offices and staff in local offices.

Tasks in each state:

  • 1. Get as many in-state groups as possible to generate grass roots calls and emails to the Senator(s)
  • 2. Get a dozen grass tops to make phone calls or send faxes to the Senator(s). Grasstops are mayors, elected officials, business leaders, community leaders, bike shop owners, etc. People who might have more influence on the Senator(s)
  • 3. Extra credit: Get a group of 2 or 3 influential persons to meet with Senate staff at the district office.

It is anticipated that the House will vote on their bill February 13th; that's next tuesday.

Therefore, every representative should be contacted by their own local voters.

Alliance, the national bike advocacy organization has asked AlaBike to be a leader in expressing our disappointment in both the house and senate transportation bills. This means asking local cyclists, business leaders, officials who appreciate biking and walking to contact their representatives and senators.

To do that, those of us who are most familiar with local cyclists need to network together.

We need to get familiar with the points and enroll others to contact their federal representatives